Zach Gajewski


Editing, Writing, and Publishing

developmental and line editing

A strong developmental and line edit are the backbone of any successful book. I start by assessing a manuscript's or proposal's overall structure, organization, and content. I then perform edits and rewrites to clarify the text, ensure reader understandability, maintain the desired tone and style, and create a logical flow from one chapter, part, or section to the next. 

copy writing

In addition to my developmental and line editing work that involves writing, or rewriting, text, I also provide copy writing services for jacket covers, in-house catalogs, and marketing and publicity materials. The most effective copy focuses on descriptive, intriguing language and connects books, services, and products with their intended audiences, while widening their appeal and making a lasting impression.   

Manuscript and proposal critique

Not ready for a full edit yet? I evaluate manuscripts and book proposals in regard to content and organization, providing suggestions on how to build a concrete structure and table of contents, better focus the material, develop a central hook, create a compelling argument and narrative, highlight important themes and takeaways, and speak to the targeted audience. 

publishing consultation

In today's changing publishing and media landscape, it's hard for both first-time and experienced authors to figure out the best approach to pitching and publishing their books. Navigating the many available options and making the right decisions for a particular project isn't always easy. To help simplify the process, I consult clients and provide advice on a large range of book publishing topics and trends. 

copyediting and proofreading

I perform detailed copyedits to identify and correct grammatical problems, punctuation errors, alternative spellings, style inconsistencies, and improper usage of US American English. After the text is put into layout, I proofread the pages as a final review of similar issues while also checking for composition, design, and typographical mistakes.

production management

Self-publishing has never been easier, but the necessary steps to get from manuscript to bound book, or ebook, is still time consuming and complex. Whether hiring experienced page designers and illustrators, reviewing proofs, prepping files for production, or working with printers, I help usher clients' projects from their initial stage through publication, ensuring the highest quality and on-time delivery.