Zach Gajewski


Selected Titles

Throughout my career I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of exciting titles that have received national and international acclaim. The books below include a number of those that I've acquired and/or edited over the years. 

Benton_Leadershipt Mind Switch.jpg
Brown_Customer Culture Imperative.jpg
Johnson_Invest with Fed.jpg
Livermore_Spy Rock.jpg
Natenberg_Option Volatility and Pricing.jpg
Qualman_Digital Leader.jpg
Antonacci_Dual Momentum.jpg
Benton_CEO Difference.jpg
Hecht_How to Make Money with Commodities.jpg
Kerpen_Likeable Social Media.jpg
Lowenhaupt_Freedom from Wealth.jpg
Peris_Strategic Dividend Investor.jpg
Rickards_New Case for Gold.jpg
Bakewell_Claiming Your Place.jpg
Benton_Virtual Executive.jpg
Hinden_How to Retire Happy.jpg
Lamont_Lean Media.jpg
Mehta_Entrepreneurial Instinct.jpg
Rittenhouse_Investing Between the Lines.jpg
Sundheim_Taking Smart Risks.jpg
Berkun_Dance of the Possible.jpg
Izzo_Purpose Revolution.jpg
Livermore_How to Ruin.jpg
Potter_How You Can Trade Like a Pro.jpg
Scofield_Social Entrepreneur's Handbook.jpg
Wasik_Keynes's Way.jpg